Saturday, March 3, 2012

Who has the needs of American's at heart?

Let me get this right.  The republican presidential candidates to run against Obama would be:
  •  Romney, who has been accused of not being in touch with the people
  •  Santorum, who claims to speak for the average working class American, but is a religious zealot
  • Gingrich, who has few moral ethics but occasionally makes some sense
  • Paul, who has said not much of anything.
Obama, our current President has a full plate at the moment worrying about Afghanistan's apparent desire to have the United States butt our noses out of their politics. 

Additionally, Syria is begging us to butt our noses into their government.

Iran may or may not be making nuclear weapons-no one really knows and probably won't until they launch one.

We are spending TRILLIONS of dollars on butting our noses into other countries politics.

Meanwhile, 6 (read six) states were hit with devastating tornado's and states of emergencies have been called in several of these states. The National Guard has been called in to help.

I am not a personal fan of Obama. I have to wonder why the politics of other nations take precedence over the needs of our own citizens.  I have not heard anything about FEMA action, Where is the national address of comfort and promise of aid to our own?

As to those I can only refer to as the 4 stooges, it looks like political business as usual. Collect campaign money to travel around and spread their horse manure around.  Seems that the parasitic politics continues to reign.